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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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top view of group therapy

Where and how to get professional help after sexual assault

How and where to get professional help after sexual assault or harassment.
exit door

School shootings are rare—but here’s how to be prepared, just in case

What to do if you ever find yourself in an active shooting scenario.
Online dating illustration with mobile devices

Behind the screens: How to foster successful relationships, online and off

Rate this article and enter to winDating has come a long way since the days of passing handwritten notes in class. These days, it’s all about swiping right and left—and DMing on social media....
African American female walking on campus

Ask the counselor: “How do I survive in a racist community?”

—Gala, Sioux Center, IowaIt’s not easy being in a community that you feel has hatred toward others because of their race. It’s stressful to hear negative comments or see discrimination and feel like there...

Quiz: What’s your bystander style?

 Bystander intervention is about the small things we all do for our friends and communities. When we see that someone is experiencing unwanted attention or pressure, we have a variety of ways we can...
A young man behind the wheel of a car being pulled over by the police

Find a ride: Your guide to getting home after going out

Rate this article and enter to winYou’re at a party, your ride had a few beers, and you need to get home in time for your curfew. What do you do?We all know that...

Minor bump or major hit? How to know if it’s a concussion

Rate this article and enter to winOur brains work full time to coordinate just about everything we do, including our muscles, memory, and speech. So, when the control system malfunctions, we need to know...
Drivemode app

AT&T DriveMode by AT&T Services, Inc.

Why we love it:We all know that texting while driving is dangerous, but when you hear that text message alert, it’s really hard to stop yourself from looking at your phone. The best way...