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Monday, October 22, 2018
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Illustration with computer and doctor

Fake or fact: How to know if your online diagnosis is legit

Rate this article and enter to winScouring the internet to help you get to the bottom of your stomachache or that sudden rash is commonplace these days. Seven out of ten people say they...
Stand up! The work break timer by Raised square LLC

Apps and podcasts we love: Stand Up!

Mitchell, Lawrence, Kansas“The app’s goal is to encourage people to take small standing breaks at specific intervals throughout the day. This is especially useful for us students who are sitting in class most of...
SPACE iOS: by Phone life balance ltd Android: by SPACE team

Apps and podcasts we love: SPACE

Kim, New Brunswick, CanadaDoes any student not think they’re spending too much time on their phone? If you’re trying to break away from all the screens in your life, download this app immediately. SPACE...

Try it on, try it out: Finding the right internship for you

 You show up to biology class, write essays for English, and do your math homework, but sometimes it’s difficult to see how all of that applies to the world outside of school. Fortunately, there’s...
Sick girl with iPad

Hangnail or heart attack? How to navigate online health info

 Three out of four web users say they search for health information online, according to Pew Research. But how can you know if that info is reliable? Anyone can publish a website, and it’s...
Health search online

Ask the doc: Online health searches versus going to a doctor

“Google always gives me an extreme diagnosis of symptoms I’m having. How can I tell the severity of my issue without going straight to the doctor?”—Jessie, Windsor, OntarioOne of the questions I ask when...